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The Ultimate Guide to Auto Repair Shop Software

Running an auto shop is a very complex endeavor. It is a very competitive and ever-evolving business. So you have to constantly upgrade your repair shop. And, one of the tools to upgrade your shop is auto repair shop management software.

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How to Calculate Taxes When Shipping Internationally

When you ship your products internationally, you have to keep many things in mind. People must know foreign shipping laws, taxes, import and export duties. Many companies fail because they do not know how to deal with international taxes. Regardless of where you are shipping your goods, taxes should not be taken lightly. In some countries, you have to pay excise and customs duties on your shipments. People have to pay tariffs, also known as import taxes in some places. Import duties vary from category to category. Each country has its own harmonized codes that are used to classify the products into various categories and types. People have to pay different taxes like import tax, value-added tax, IFTA tax, and the government’s goods and services. Let’s  know about all the taxes and what is IFTA tax  in detail.

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The Impact of Outbound Logistics on Distribution and Customer Experience

Logistics are highly important in the whole supply chain management. One can also call logistics the founding pillars of the supply chain. Other than this, they also directly influence and impact the customer buying behavior and experience to a significant extent. In addition to this, out of various types of logistics, it is the outbound logistics that directly impact the distribution as well as customer experience. By optimizing the logistics system, a business can achieve new heights of success and profits.

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